Safety & Rules


With the good experiences from previous years, security checks will also be intensified at Summerjam 2023. At arrival to the Summerjam area there will be preliminary inspections.
Only guests with a valid festival ticket are allowed to visit the Summerjam area, this also applies to all camping areas. In recent years, these measures have reduced tent thefts. This concept will also be implemented in 2023. You will get your valid festival wristband at all camp entrances. Stricter controls will also be carried out in the entrance area to the festival island.

All measures are synchronized in close collaboration with our and your partner - the police of Cologne. Our security personnel and the police will be ever-present in all areas. If you notice something or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

• For safety reasons open fires, which also means grills in any form, are strictly prohibited on the camping grounds.
• It is not permitted to take animals/pets to the Summerjam, neither to the festival island nor to the camping grounds.
• It is forbidden to take glass bottles into the whole camping and festival area. You can only take beverages with you in Tetra packs or P.E.T./plastic bottles .
• The use of sound systems/professional battery speakers and generators is not permitted on the entire grounds. In case of doubt we will have to ask you to leave the grounds.
• The operation of trading stalls on the camping and festival grounds is only permitted with the explicit permission of the event organizer.
• No use of petrol.
The controlled substances act (BtMG, German narcotics act) of course also applies on the entire festival grounds.
• The handling of cannabis products remains fundamentally illegal and transgressions will be subject to prosecution.
• No aggression or violence of any kind.

The camping ground is limited at the Fühlinger Lake and for festival guests ONLY.
Please do not build huge pavilion or gazebo "forts" or private chill out-areas with a group of people. Otherwise, we might have to ask you to take it down in order to make sure there is enough room for all our camping guests.
The Fühlinger Lake is a nature preserve where we are guests for a weekend. Please collect your waste and garbage and leave your camping site just the way you found it.
We provide an unlimited number of garbage bags at the entrance and exit areas. You will find "garbage enclosures" on the camping grounds. Please deposit the garbage bags there. We will transport them away from there. Our Camping Security and the Camp Services will always have free garbage bags available for you and will always help you out with advice or anything else you need.


>We provide an unlimited number of rubbish bags at the entrance and exit areas. You will find waste gates distributed around the camping areas. Please deposit the closed rubbish bags here. We will take them away from there. Our camping security and camp services will always provide you with free rubbish bags and will be on hand to give you advice.


Still photography for personal, non-commercial use is permitted. Audio and video recordings are not permitted, and any violation will be prosecuted. Please leave your professional digital or analogous single lens reflex camera at home - they are also not permitted on the festival grounds. On the camping grounds there are no restrictions regarding photography, audio and video recordings.
At the festival there will be taken photos and video recordings by accredited media outlets, journalists and the promoter. These recordings will be duplicated and used for media coverage and documentaries - distributed via print, DVD, TV and online.
By entering the festival grounds, you declare your agreement to possibly be recorded and that these recordings might be used as stated above. There will be no compensation.
The use of tripods and selfie-sticks is also not allowed on the festival grounds.


Lockers are available at four Camp Services around the lake.From now on you can book your locker online in advance:

Here in the Festivalplan you will find the numbering of the Camp Services.


Like every year countless helpers, orderlies, policemen/women, DLRG and friends will be supporting the festival organization and will be at your side in the event of any problems arising. On the island and in the camping area (overview plan) a respective paramedic station will be installed and run by the ‘Knights of St. John’ first aid organization. In the event of any health issues, please contact our competent staff/helpers.

EDELGARD MOBILE - the port of call for girls & women

Experienced and trained professionals listen to you and discuss the next steps after harassment, coercion or rape.

Come to EDELGARD mobile on P2 or call:
 - If you are unsettled
 - If you feel threatened and need support
 - If you have witnessed a sexual assault and would like advice

You can reach the EDELGARD mobile by phone at (+49) 221 / 221-27777.


- Friday, 8 pm to 1 am
- Saturday, 8 pm to 1 am
- Sunday, 8 pm to 1 am

on P2 available - or speak to the nearest security post: Code word is EDELGARD.
Our security is available around the clock in case of need!


We have set up various rescue points throughout the campsite. These are clearly marked and numbered.
You will find an overview map at each camp service.

What to do in an emergency?
In an emergency, call 112 and give the following information:
WHERE [rescue point]? - Then wait for further enquiries.

Details of the rescue point
I am at the rescue point with the number
What has happened?
How many people are injured or in danger?
How can I reach you by telephone?
Arrange for a contact person to remain at the rescue point to brief the emergency services. It is imperative that all roads are kept clear! These are emergency access routes for ambulances, fire brigade, etc., in order to be able to save lives quickly if necessary - yours or your friends'.

Charity bottle deposit fund
We have installed deposit collection points in all Camp Services – just leave empty bottles there and help the environment whilst doing it!


Help us to make our camping ground safe! Due to tent break-ins in the past years, we urgently request you to leave your valuables at home or to carry them with you. To prevent theft, we recommend that as soon as you have installed your tent you introduce yourself to your tent neighbor’s and mutually watch out for each other. A special camping security team will be proceeding against packs of thieves and illegal vendors in close coordination with the police. To prevent tent break-ins and thefts we have provided the "safe-deposit truck" for you on P2. These are secure and guarded safe deposit boxes for your valuables for a small rental charge! Stay safe!



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